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Tragic SEO Mistakes

Posted by Carroll Communications Group on Apr 7, 2015 9:49:00 AM


One of the most tragic, (and common), SEO mistakes we see is companies failing to identify and include commonly searched keywords.

In this new era of SEO keyword-stuffing won’t get you a higher rank. In fact, if Google thinks that you are just overusing keywords on your site, your credibility and rankings could be impacted negatively. This does not mean, however, that keywords are irrelevant. Just the opposite. If you are doing the things Google wants to see, generating high quality content, the keywords can be worked in naturally.


So, if you’ve made the common mistake of awkwardly stuffing your website with keywords that don’t really fit, there’s a way to correct this to avoid the feared Google punishment. What you need to do immediately is scrub your site. This means you need to make sure that it reads well for humans first, search engines second.

Comb through every piece of content and ask yourself if YOU would be interested in reading it. Ask yourself if you really think it flows. You should remove any keyword that doesn’t fit naturally within the content.

As a rule of thumb, each page of your website should have a single focus keyword to be included 1-3 times naturally in the content. Make sure this keyword is also in the page title and meta description. Doing this can really help keep your web pages focused; this is important for SEO.

The problem is that so many marketers are focused on building a site out of wireframe and designing around that, that they completely lose sight of content development. SEO and content development go hand-in-hand, but content can’t be an afterthought…they need to be considered simultaneously.

When these things are considered separately, the result is that after the site launch, marketing teams have to scramble to re-write the content in order to improve SEO. As you can see, this is easily avoided by considering it from the start.


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