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SEO From Day One… What To Do With Your Website Redesign

Posted by Carroll Communications Group on Apr 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM


A website redesign is much more than an overhaul of aesthetics. Yes, the new visuals on your site will probably get the most attention, but a great website redesign requires that you also improve what’s going on under the hood.

If the core of your engine fails to function, a flashy exterior isn’t going to be of much help. What’s the point of having a beautiful site if people can’t find it via search engines? If your pages aren’t easily navigable and the information isn’t readily available, all that flash doesn’t matter much.

With your website redesign, form and function need to be considered together; they’re a package deal. So, yes, add the beautiful new buttons and scrolling picture banners, but don’t neglect what’s going on behind the scenes.

While SEO might be the less glamorous side of what makes a website effective, it can’t be ignored.

We know, when first planning a big website overhaul, it’s easy to focus only on the features that appeal to the eye…naturally, you want your website to look like a million bucks. To make sure that your site will truly resonate with your target audience, you need to be thinking about SEO from the very beginning.


When you’re planning out your redesign strategy, make sure that discoverability and accessibility are considered as much as the new video you’re planning to have on the homepage.  The biggest mistake you can make with a website redesign is to not consider SEO until it’s too late.

The SEO team should be involved in the redesign process early on. A lot of times this is ignored, and it ends up costing companies more in the long run when they have to rewrite code and redesign to make SEO work. Having this thought out early on in the process will save time and money.

This means doing an audit of your existing site before you tear it down. You should take some time to look at what’s working on your current site and what’s not. When you’re examining this, here are some key metrics to keep in mind:


  • Monthly average of visitors
  • Best performing keywords (in rank, traffic, and lead generation)
  • Number of inbound linking domains
  • Total number of pages indexed
  • Total number of pages that receive traffic


It’s super important to reassess the purpose of each page. If the page isn’t telling you something, it isn’t telling your viewers anything either.

When timeframes get crunched, really important elements of a website redesign often get pushed to the side. One of these, is taking time at the beginning to analyze the amount of current traffic to ensure that there isn’t a dip when the new site goes up.

Thinking about SEO from the start will help you avoid all sorts of problems that can commonly arise later in the process, delaying the usability and functionality of your website. 


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